For over 20 years, chillers made by KKT chillers have been applied to cool highly sensitive imaging systems. Thousands
of these reliable chillers are in use all around the world. The medical coolers are specifically aligned with individual
products and product series of medical equipment manufacturers. The wide range of series-oriented
devices is based on a modular design and can be customized perfectly to meet your requirements.

  • Direct MRI Cooling Solutions               


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  • Indirect MRI and CT Cooling Solutions


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Closed loops - the KKT chillers philosophy

The advantages of a closed circuit at a glance:

+ Make-up water is only required if leakages occur at the pump seals or if water has been drained to repair the system.

+ Evaporation occurs, if at all, only to a small extent. Therefore, high-quality water can usually be used
to make up the tank, so that limescale deposits are not a problem.

+ Closed systems are also less or less susceptible to biological fouling by slime and algae deposits than open systems.

+ Closed systems with the addition of glycol mixtures also drastically reduce corrosion problems, because the coolant is
not constantly saturated with oxygen as in an open system, or glycol with its inhibitors provides corrosion protection.

  • Nano Line

    Cooling capacity 1,7 - 6,5 kW
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  • Vario Line

    Cooling capacity 6 - 28 kW
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  • Compact Line

    Cooling capacity 30 - 200 kW
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  • Evo Line

    Kälteleistung 260 - 528 kW
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  • Medical Chillers

    Cooling solutions for imaging systems
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  • OEM Solutions

    Designed for you.
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    Cooling capacity 200 - 1000 kW
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